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What is Estimaids?
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How Estimaids Works?
Your Estimate, instantly:
Online, direct from House Cleaner,
her own prices… instantly!

          Call or Booking:
Good price? Call or Booking
direct to her… all info to your cell!

Your new Cleaner:
Done! Payment? Direct to Cleaner
after job is done… as always!

Why Use Estimaids?
Instant Estimate
Because, you get real instant Quote, online,
direct from Cleaners, no third parties!
Your House Cleaners
Because, the House Cleaner is yours, not
ours. Direct contact to her… as always!

Call or Booking
Because, you can call or booking direct to
her. No Credit Card nor Sign Up needed.
Payment to Cleaner
Pay directly to Cleaner, after job is done, as
always. No third parties nor percentages!
Phone: (650)235-5496
Mail: P.O. Box 5363 San Mateo CA 94402

House Cleaning: $30 Mensual.
House Cleaning + Carpet Cleaning: $40 Mensual.
Maryss has developed Instant Estimaid, as a tool that House Cleaners can use to give their estimates, quotes, online and instantly, to their new clients. At same time, Maryss is a platform that show the House Cleaners that are using Instant Estimaid to new potentials clients. Maryss does not participate in any transaction or activity between Client and House Cleaner under any circumstance.
Terms of Use and Privacy to Clients using Estimaids and Instant Estimaid tool.
Cleaner: House Cleaner that use Instant Estimaid tool to give quotes.
Client: Person who looking for House Cleaning Services and Estimaids user.
Estimaids: Instant Estimaid tool provider for House Cleaners.
Instant Estimaid: Tool to give house Cleaning instant quote-estimate.

Estimaids is not a Cleaning Business or Cleaning Company and does not pretend, we do not give House Cleaning services, we are just a venue, a platform that show Cleaners using Instant Estimaid in your area or city.

Instant Estimaid use:
Estimaids just guarantee the correct working of tool Instant Estimaid, does not guarantee the Prices given by the Cleaners, they were told to have correct and updated their Prices all time.

Prices given:
The Instant Estimaid given by Cleaner is based on size-average, dirty-average and her/his experience. Price given does not pretend be absolute, pretend be an approximate and you may contact her/him to discuss about. Quote is no based on hours, is based by job, the team will spend time as needed to complete the job. Unexpected size-dirty the Cleaner will notify before start job. and Clients:
Estimaids does not participate, under any circumstances on agrees, relation, interaction between Cleaner and Client gotten through Instant Estimaid or Estimaids. Estimaids does not work or is an intermediate between Cleaner and Client on eventual disagrees between them.

After Booking the Cleaner is committed to perform all stipulated on Book, Price and date of job-service, save mutual agree to modify the Book terms including suspension or cancelation.

About Payments:
Any payment you do is directly to Cleaner, by service given, by additional or extras done, previously agreed before start job-service between you and Cleaner. Estimaids does not charge any fee or percentages by the use of Instant Estimaid or Estimaids during booking or after job-service is done.

The Cleaners:
The Cleaners are independent, they works by their own, does not belong to Estimaids, are not employees, are not partners of Estimaids. Estimaids just show them as they self describes, we have not verified their background, licenses or insurances business, personal or personnel, employees or coworkers. They assume all responsibilities about info and job-service given.

If you have any claim, complain, disagree about Cleaner, Price, Book and/or job-service given, just contact directly to the Cleaner to resolve. If you have any comment, opinion, suggestion or reference to give about Cleaner, Price, Book and/or job-service given, please let us know.

Privacy: do not share any information provided by Clients to third parties, except those requires by law.
The Client to use accepts the Terms of Use and Privacy.
Updated, 25 March 2016.
Estimaids. San Mateo, CA.

Regular Basis: Once or Twice Month, Weekly.
Move In, Move Out or just One Time.
On: Houses, Apartments, Studios.
Add: Cabinets, Oven, Fridge, Pets, etc.

What means “House Cleaner is yours, not ours”?
    Unlike others websites, with Estimaids all contact, coordinate, payment, etc. will be directly with the House Cleaner, as always!

Can I call or book directly with them?
    Right, after estimate is given you can contact direct to Cleaner o make book, directly to her as well, do not need Credit Card or Sign Up.

Then, how participates?
    Giving to House Cleaners the tool Instant Estimate, to they can give their own estimate, their own prices, instantly!